Quick Tip: Plan your day while getting ready

If you’re like me, often your mind is all over the place with constant lists running through your head. Picture that scene from I Don’t Know How She Does It where she’s making “the list” on the ceiling… I think all women tend to have a time during their day or night when their list just starts firing off and it usually happens when there is no way to record the list for later reference. At least that’s how my mind works.

For me, my list begins hyper populating while I’m getting ready for my day in the shower or while I’m doing my makeup. There’s obviously no way to take my normal list catchers (phone, paper and pen, planner, calendar, etc.) into the shower with me, so now I use my bathroom mirror and a dry-erase marker. I usually have just enough ideas still floating around in my head or can recall them by the time I step out of the shower. I hop over to my mirror and jot down the newest updates to my list before they evaporate with the steam. Needless to say, my mirror is covered by the time I’m done getting ready! So, after I’ve finished getting ready or when I have a free moment in my day, I bring in my regular list catchers and write down everything that I’ve scrawled all over my mirror. Once that’s done, the dry-erase scribbles wipe off with no problem!

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