How I Use My Planner


I am a planner. I love to plan ahead. Calendars make me slightly giddy. When the new planners start coming out for the next year, I can’t wait! I find myself coming up with excuses for getting multiple planners… It’s a problem. I know.

Since this is January, I’ve finally been able to start using my planner for this year. Like I mentioned in my “The Rabbit Hole” post, I want to be more positive this year and accomplish several goals. So, this year I decided to try a new approach to how I use my planner. In the past, I used my planner to simply plan future appointments and special days. I might jot down something here or there that made the day significant, but my planner was not really much more than a way to help me stay organized. While I still intend to use my planner for scheduling, I wanted to add more to it. I wanted to incorporate a way to help establish habits and help have a more positive and realistic outlook on my day.


My solution isn’t rocket science, but it works for me. I color code different portions of my day to help remind me to do those things consistently. I have a section to note at least three things I’m thankful for everyday and a section for at least one thing I’d like to accomplish for that day. There are spaces for meal planning, cleaning, blog scheduling, daily Scripture reading, and workouts. I also include a post-it at the beginning of each month to breakdown the known upcoming expenses.

I used to get discouraged with how much I didn’t  get done in my day instead of focusing on what I could realistically accomplish. I tend to be overly ambitious and over schedule myself. I decided to pick one thing in each day to try and accomplish. That way, even if I don’t get anything else done that day, I can still end the day with a sense of accomplishment.

The thankful section is to note three things I’m thankful for every day. So, even on those days that are just awful, I can find at least three things to choose to be thankful for. I’ve been doing this since October and it’s been a helpful way to stay positive.

I like to carry the pocket size planner with a small notebook banded together with a rubber book band. I’m in love with the planners that Sugar Paper designed for Target! I discovered them last year and was so excited that they continued them for this year!

What are your favorite planner and calendar tips or tricks?


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