To My Neighbor With Blue Porch Lights

Dear neighbor,

I don’t know you…yet. But you made my day when I came home last night and drove past your house. You don’t know what your simple gesture of having a blue light outside your home means to me. It may seem strange to the average person, it may be hard to see your keys to get into your front door at night, you may even have a different reason for choosing blue, but to me, it’s huge!

In light of current events and numerous stories 2014-07-11 14.02.42in the media featuring stories on law enforcement, both negative and positive, it’s clear that there has been a change in some people’s view of the law and those who defend it. These stories are more than just news stories to me. The people protesting on TV and social media are more than just a group of people who seem angry or hateful. The indifference and silence I hear from many around me who say and do nothing, even though I know they believe in good, is deafening. The number of officers who have died in the line of duty is rising, not to mention the impact that loss has on the families connected to each officer. It breaks my heart and wears me down daily as I tell my husband to “be careful” and “I love you,” as he goes on shift, praying for him and his fellow officers to come home safe each night. These men and women see everyone’s worst day as their everyday.  It’s not just news, it’s personal. It’s lonely. It often feels as though we, in the law enforcement community and family, are alone.

BluePorchlightSo your light is incredibly encouraging. It means that I’m not alone in supporting my husband. It means that someone else is proclaiming to the world that they appreciate the sacrifices he makes everyday to serve and protect his community. It tells me that you believe in good and you won’t stand for hate. It tells me that you’ve stepped up to speak out from the silent majority. It tells me that you care. It’s hope. And that means the world to me!

So, thank you. It may seem a strange choice to some. It probably cost you an extra trip to the hardware store and a few dollars. It may seem small in general. You may even have been trying to save energy. Whatever your initial reason, you have no idea how much you’ve blessed and encouraged me.

Thank you so much!

-Your neighbor
a police wife

#SeaOfBlueRibbonCampaign #StepOutInBlue #BlueLivesMatter
#AllLivesMatter #SupportOurPolice #LEOWLife


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