Fitness Tip – Hydration

Since my goal is to drink a gallon of water a day, I thought I’d share a quick and easy tip on how I do it. Instead of lugging around a gallon jug all day, I use just a regular 16oz water bottle. I know there are other water bottles you can buy with the nifty little oz measurements on the side, but in the past I’ve always lost track of whether it was my first water bottle of the day or my fifth… So, I use a water bottle that I can just toss at the end of the day and mark it with little tick marks for every bottle I’ve had for the day. With drinking from a 16oz bottle, my goal is to drink 8 of those to reach a gallon a day. Whenever I refill it, I use a permanent marker and add a tick mark to keep track of how much I’ve had.

What tricks do you use to stay hydrated?

FitnessHydration2Pepper wanted to get in the picture… 🙂

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