Fitness Update! | 3lbs

PurseGoalThe purse has made some progress! With my new fitness plan, I’ve lost 3 pounds so far! Honestly, it’s been a challenging 3 weeks. But I am feeling a lot better, my skin has cleared up, I’m feeling my muscles tighten, and I have more energy. No drastic weight loss, yet, but it’s encouraging to see the number on the scale decrease instead of increase! My self discipline has been going head to head with my sweet tooth 2015-02-14 10.32.40-1(Valentine’s Day chocolate and Girl Scout cookies have been strong temptations), but trying to stay within my calorie goal and making the most of what I can eat has been gradually beating my cravings. I’ve been trying to savor the treats and load up on the nutritious foods. I’ve also been trying to put in some practical stops for my cravings, like drinking water when I think I’m munchy and trying to not eat anything after 10pm. The 10pm one is one of the most challenging for me, since my hubby gets off work in the middle of the night and usually enjoys a snack as he relaxes before bed. In the past, I would usually enjoy some ice cream or something with him, but I’ve been drinking water instead.

The progress feels slow right now, but it’s better than nothing! I’m already doing more than I used to and having to log my calories has made me aware of how much I’ve been used to eating. I’m having to get used to eating less, but I also realize that I don’t need as much food as I’ve been used to. Our grocery bill was less this past week and our fridge and pantry have stayed full longer, thanks to not munching mindlessly.

2015-02-18 17.11.46-1Pepper has been my exercise buddy this month! We’ve been trying to take advantage of nice weather when we have it and go on walks. Eventually, after we get her into some training this next month, hopefully she’ll be better with loose leash walking and not drag me in a zig zag pattern all over the neighborhood. She’s definitely getting a workout and has built up her muscle!

Three weeks in and progress has been made, but I still have more to go. I’m looking forward to seeing more progress next month!

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