March Makeover | The Master Plan

Ok, buckle your seat belt, March is going to be a busy month! I decided I wanted to tackle #6 (31 Day Purge Project from A Bowl Full of Lemons) and #22 (Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it) on my 30 for 30 List this month and give our home a makeover. Now, I’m not planning on redecorating or buying tons of stuff to fill up our house, quite the opposite, actually. Think of this makeover as a detox and getting a head start on spring cleaning. In addition to wanting to downsize on the amount of “stuff” we have in our home, I’m also wanting to streamline our budget and cut down on our spending, so I decided to incorporate a spending freeze plan, based on the No-Spend Challenge from Living Well, Spending Less, into my 31 Day Purge Project. I know, it sounds like a tall order, but I plan on taking March one day at a time and it should be a productive month! I think it will also be good opportunity to simplify our life and practice contentment with what we have.

So, here’s my plan: Every day, I’m going to tackle one task from the 31 Day Purge Project and one task from the No-Spend Challenge when applicable. I’m also going to create a daily cleaning routine and test it out with our weekly schedule to make sure it fits our routine. I’ll post the final cleaning routine once I have it all ironed out (puns…I can’t resist sometimes).

You can read the full project details for both the 31 Day Purge Project and the No-Spend Challenge in the links provided, but I will give you a quick breakdown of how I plan on implementing them this month. Basically, the purge project is like a complete house decluttering. By tackling small sections of your home, you go through everything and decide what to keep, give away, throw away, sell, or donate. With the No-Spend Challenge, the goal is to not spend any money on anything other than your monthly bills, pre-planned spending (birthday gifts, medical appointments, and other planned events), essentials, with essentials meaning only the necessities. I feel like we’ve already been trying to do this somewhat so that we can begin saving aggressively, but I’m excited to see if we can save even more. I’m not planning on using the entire No-Spend Challenge, but I’ll be incorporating the items that best fit our lifestyle. I modified the schedule for both of these original plans to fit my schedule this month and have tried to keep similar tasks on the same day.

I will be posting a recap of how the week went and the progress that was made. I’ve created a schedule that I plan on following below. I’ll be posting a photo everyday on my Instagram to show the tasks I completed and using the hashtag #MarchMakeover15PO. If you want to follow along, I’d love to see your progress on Instagram and we can encourage each other. Don’t feel like you have to take on the full project if you don’t want to, just do what fits your goals, even if it’s just a day here or there. You might be surprised at what a few minutes of decluttering can do for your day! Feel free to substitute a task for something that suits your home better (for example, you may not have three dozen half used candles scattered around your home to purge like I do…eek!). Wish me luck and if you choose to follow along, you can do it!

March Makeover Overview

3/1: Create a Spending Freeze plan for ourselves and define essentials
// Purge magazines and catalogs

3/2: Organize pantry and begin brainstorming meals // Purge pantry

3/3: Begin meal planning based on food in stock // Purge fridge

3/4: Eat “out” at home by creating a favorite restaurant style meal at home // Purge freezer

3/5: Purge dresser drawers

3/6: Organize home office // Purge crafting/office supplies

3/7: Week 1 Progress Recap // Purge makeup

3/8: Create a spring cleaning plan // Purge cleaning products

3/9: Spring cleaning day // Purge shoes

3/10: Clean and organize bonus rooms (we don’t currently have kids,
so we have bonus rooms) // Purge/clean out cars

3/11: Organize master bedroom closets // Purge master closets

3/12: Organize bathrooms // Purge bathroom cabinets

3/13: Purge medicine cabinets

3/14: Week 2 Progress Recap // Purge books

3/15: Downsize clothing and put away for seasonal storage if necessary
// Purge purses and handbags

3/16: Get crafty and make something useful (instead of buying home decor, make it!)
// Purge board games and candles

3/17: Finish useful craft project // Purge desk

3/18: Recycle by finding new uses for old things // Purge bills

3/19: Purge nail polish

3/20: Purge spices

3/21: Week 3 Progress Recap // Purge tupperware

3/22: Sell or donate your extra stuff // Purge bedding and linens

3/23: Purge and organize wrapping paper and stationery

3/24: Enjoy some free activities with the family // Purge and organize pet stuff

3/25: Have a “free” date night // Purge mudroom/laundry room

3/26: Purge e-mail subscriptions

3/27: Purge DVDs

3/28: Week 4 Progress Recap // Purge nightstands

3/29: Re-assess budget // Purge junk drawer

3/30: Planning date for April and discuss upcoming goals, events, or projects
// Purge under the kitchen sink

3/31: Celebrate date! // Purge garage

What day are you most excited to do or see completed?


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