30 for 30

In light of pursuing positivity, getting stuff done, and turning 30 all this year (2015), I made a list: 30 things to do in the year I turn 30, or “30 for 30” for short. My list is in no particular order and may seem random, however each of these goals have a personal significance to me. Most of these things are things that I’ve always wanted to do, need to finally get done, or will just help me reach my personal goals. I also wanted to do something different this year, instead of the stereotypical “New Year’s Resolutions.” In the past, I honestly never got past January doing anything I “resolved” to do. This blog and 30 for 30 list are a way for me to stay accountable and get done what I set out to do this year. As I accomplish each goal on the list, I’ll include the link to each post. Wish me luck and stay tuned!

  1. Get healthy! Watch my progress here. *This is still a work in progress. 
  2. Read 30 books (See what I read here) *I got through 22 out of 30 books!
  3. Make home office functional
  4. Work on landscaping and gardening
  5. Paint and refinish hutch in dining room
  6. 31 Day Purge Project from A Bowl Full of Lemons *See my progress on my Instagram with the hashtag #MarchMakeover15PO and check out my March Makeover Series page for how it all went!
  7. Start blog (Ta-da!)
  8. Finish Home Management Binder *Didn’t get to start on this one… It turned out to be a bigger project than I realized. 
  9. Finish Wedding Album (4 years after we got married…oops!)
  10. Organize and frame/scrapbook photos
  11. Paint remaining rooms in house 
  12.  Take a vacation  *We went to both Duncan, OK & Bartlesville, OK this year!
  13. Migrate and organize email *I am still working on this. Unroll.me is a great tool!
  14. Find ways to save and make more money *In reality, this will always be a daily choice in how we spend our money, but this year has taught us a lot in how we think about our budget. It’s spurred us on to be creative in how we earn extra money and use the money we earn wisely.  
  15. Sketch something everyday  *I got through about half the year! Check out my Instagram
  16. Get 401k paperwork finished up
  17. Have a daily quiet time *I’m still working on being consistent. 
  18. Get a designer handbag *This is still a future goal.
  19. Learn to shoot a firearm* (please see disclaimer below)
  20. Start my personal business from home *I opened my Spoonflower shop, and I’m in the fledgling stages of starting my small business. Working on getting official! 
  21. Get Pepper enrolled in obedience training  *She graduated!
  22. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it!
  23. Find a church home *We’ve started visiting a local church that we like a lot…
  24. Master my couponing techniques and habits
  25. Get a personal budget plan together *We have a weekly plan, it’s still a daily discipline to stick to it!
  26. Buy a family car *Originally, I’d wanted to “Go horseback riding with Jonathan,” but instead, we ended up buying a car this year. 
  27. Have a garage sale
  28. Go to a wine tasting *It never worked out with our schedule, however, my husband bought me wine for Christmas!
  29. Learn how to use my SLR camera *I learned more about my camera and realized that I want to get a new camera…and then learn how to use that one instead.
  30. Learn to mow the lawn

*In regards to #19: I understand how this topic may be controversial, however this is a necessary skill to have in our household. My husband owns guns and carries one for his job as a police officer. I have always had a respectful fear of guns, but I want to know how to safely handle them, as well as be able to defend myself should I ever need to. Please keep any comments, questions, or discussion respectful.
*UPDATE* I learned to shoot my late Grandaddy’s 22 bolt action rifle, which has more sentimental meaning to me and I can confidently say that I know how to safely and properly handle and shoot it.


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