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Liebster Award Nominations!

liesbster-2015-NominationI was quite surprised the other day to see a lot of new traffic coming to my site. And even more surprised to find it coming from someone I hadn’t met yet. Come to find out, the lovely Rebecca Colours had nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much, Rebecca! Check out her blog here.
The Liebster Award is an award made for bloggers by bloggers, discovering new blogs. The award aims to put the spotlight on new bloggers and give them a chance to shine and get known here in the blogging world. The award comes with a few rules:

  1. Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog
  2. Thank and tag the blog who nominated you
  3. Answer their questions and come up with 10 new ones for your nominees
  4. Nominate 8 blogs (with less than 200 followers), let them know you’ve nominated them and link them in your post
  5. No tag-backs

I received the following questions from Rebecca. Here are my answers:

1.  What is your favorite thing about blogging? 
I love that I have a place to share thoughts, ideas, and creativity, along with a journal in a way to look back on. It’s a way to stay accountable and not let my goals or projects lose momentum.

2. What is your favorite saying/proverb/quote?
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, And He will direct your path.” —Proverbs 3:5-6

3. What is/are your biggest inspiration(s) that motivate you?
First, I would have to say, my mom is a huge inspiration and encouragement in my life. She’s one of my best friends and has been a mentor to me in many ways, but especially in my married life as I’m still learning to be a wife and *gasp* live with a guy! (<–This requires a gasp because I grew up with only a sister, no brothers, and I was home schooled…) She’s also been an incredible inspiration and motivation lately as she’s started her own business last year and that takes a lot of work, bravery, and dedication! Second, I would have to say that time motivates me. As I’ve mentioned before, I love to plan, but I also like to make the most of the time I have in the day, so time and the lack thereof gets me going in my day!

4. What are you really good at?
This may sound weird, but painting a room. I LOVE it! It’s instant gratification for me because I can see my progress immediately. I can paint an entire room without using a drop cloth or painters tape on baseboards or edges. I’m weird I know… I’m sure there are other things, but this was the first thing that came to mind.

5. What’s the key to success?
Hard work, perseverance—even when you feel like giving up, and having a goal to go after.

6. Is there anything new you’d like to learn?
There’s always something new to learn in life! This year, one of the things I’d like to learn is how to garden and mow my lawn. You can see more things on my 30 for 30 list here.

7. What’s your most important overall goal for 2015?
To accomplish my 30 for 30 list.

8. If you could write a brief message to your 13 year old self, what would you say?
Probably the only things I would tell myself is to learn to let go of trying to control everything a little earlier, stay active, exercise, and try more foods. I was a picky eater that preferred junk food,and now I’m paying for it. #FebruaryIsForFitness

9. Do you have any guilty pleasures and if so, what?
I’m the weirdo that loves to dip french fries in my chocolate milkshake and I love to watch reality tv, namely shows like The Real Housewives of Name-Any-City/Region, Dance Moms, Sister Wives, Toddlers & Tiaras, and just about any wedding show on TLC. Hi, my name is Kellie and I’m addicted to junk tv. 😦

10. State one word that would describe yourself.

Now I would like to nominate these lovely people! They all inspire me in their own unique way! Check out their blogs:
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And here are your questions:
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. What is your favorite dessert?
3. What do you look forward to most about your favorite season?
4. What did you want to be when you grew up and how similar is it to what you do now?
5. What is your favorite book and why?
6. What do you do to help maintain balance in your life?
7. If you could go/live anywhere (real or mythical) where would you go?
8. What is one goal you would like to accomplish this year?
9. Coffee, tea, or something else?
10. What has been your most meaningful and/or useful life lesson, thus far?

I’d love to read your answers, so please be sure to tag me! 🙂



“By this shall all men know that you are my disciples,
if you have love one to another.”—John 13:35


What’s On My Phone?

I’ve seen a few of these types of posts and I always find them helpful and interesting, plus I’m nosey…so I thought I’d share one of my own. These are just a few of the many apps I have on my phone, but they are the apps I use the most often and have found to be the most helpful in my day-to-day activities.

Type of phone: iPhone 5 (Sorry Android users…However, some of these apps are available on Google Play too…)


Instagram-1Instagram – Free  |  Who doesn’t like looking at pictures? I’m such a visual person and I’ve found myself going to Instagram as my primary social media outlet these days. I’ve been a long time Facebook user, but it can be depressing and negative sometimes, plus it can be hard to keep up with the people you actual want to follow. Instagram is full of pictures and less chatter. I’m able to follow my family and friends and see what they’re up to, along with my favorite lifestyle bloggers, creative artists, designers, and brands I love. It’s not often that someone posts a depressing negative photo, so I find it to be a more uplifting and positive social media outlet to enjoy.  Plus, who doesn’t like looking at puppies all day? 😉 Follow me @peppersowl  {Instagram for Android Devices}

YouVersionYouVersion – Free  |  Since one of my goals this year has been to read the Bible everyday, I’ve been using YouVersion. You can read any passage of the Bible when YouVersion-1you want to or they have numerous plans to choose from that cover a range of topics. I’m going through the THE BIBLE in a Year plan. It has about three to four passages to read from every day with texts from the Old Testament, New Testament, and either a Psalm or a Proverb everyday. You can track your progress when using plans or you can look up different references of Scripture when you want to. It also offers a place to keep notes or even bookmark or highlight favorite verses. You can connect with friends for accountability or when you’re studying with a group. They have numerous translations to choose from with some audible versions, turning your Bible into an audiobook.   {YouVersion for Android Devices}

Podcasts – Free  |  I love listening to Podcasts-1podcasts when I’m driving in my car or cleaning around the house. I love learning new things, hearing people review things like movies and tv shows, or just talking on various current events or topics. There are tons of podcasts to subscribe to for free. A few of my favorites are Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Sawbones, Radiolab, and Serial (I know, I jumped on the bandwagon, but it’s so good…if you like mysteries and true crime. Now’s the time to listen if you haven’t already since season 1 is complete. I couldn’t stop once I started, I listened to the whole thing in two days!).  {Podcast Addict for Android Devices}

Starbucks – Free  |  I’m a coffee addict, so my Starbucks app is a MUST! It makes it easy to keep gift cards handy, or reload my coffee budget for the month (Yes, I have a coffee budget…otherwise it can get ridiculous!). You can pay with your phone, earn rewards toward free drinks and snacks. They also have free songs, apps, or ebooks available through the app.   {Starbucks for Android Devices}

Paperless-1Paperless – $2.99  |  I love making lists to help me keep track of everything and this app is my favorite list keeper! It allows you to make tons of lists that are however long you need them to be. I primarily use it as a reusable grocery and shopping list keeper. I can check off items, but they’re not deleted from the list, so when I need to buy something again, I don’t have to type it in every time. It also allows you to assign an icon to each list so you can find it quickly and know the the category for the list at a glance. You can also backup your lists to your dropbox and/or computer as well as sync between devices if you have an iPad. This app is worth the price!

Santa'sBag-1Santa's BagSanta’s Bag – Free  |  Another list app I love is Santa’s Bag. It’s a Christmas gift list app to help you keep track of your gift recipients, what gifts you’ve purchased, what’s left to buy, your budget, and how many days until Christmas. You can also create shopping lists for each store you go to, so you don’t forget any gifts you need to get. I’ve used this app for two years in a row and it’s helped keep me organized and on track when the holiday season gets really busy. Plus, when you’re done with a year, you can archive the list for the gifts you bought so you don’t accidentally give someone the same gift they may have gotten in the past… Upgrade to the Pro version for archiving feature. $2.99

Cartwheel-1Cartwheel – Free  |  I am a huge Target fan! I love shopping there with all the ways I can save through coupons and sales, but their Cartwheel app is the icing on the cake! With Cartwheel, you can create your own barcode like a reusable Target coupon that saves 5% to 50% off selected items (depending on each item’s expiration date). The cashier will scan your Cartwheel barcode at the register to apply the discounts. You can scan items in the store while you’re shopping to see if they have a Cartwheel offer or you can load up your Cartwheel as you plan your trip. The more you use the app, the more spaces you can unlock to add more offers to your Cartwheel barcode. You can stack the savings with coupons and your Target REDcard discount. Seriously, the savings add up, in just over a year’s time, I’ve unlocked 25 spaces and I’ve saved over $325!  {Cartwheel for Android Devices}

ibotta-1ibotta & SavingStar– Free  |  In addition to using the Cartwheel app and coupons, I also use rebate apps. ibotta and SavingStar are my top two favorites. I have SavingStar-1several other rebate apps, but I can explain how I coupon and use rebates in a future post… These two rebate apps offer savings on numerous name brand and some generic items. After you shop, you can submit your receipt to earn savings. Once you earn a minimum of $5 (SavingStar) or $10 (ibotta), you can cash out for gift cards or a cash deposit into your banking account via PayPal. You can combine the rebate offers with coupons and sales to get bigger savings! {ibotta & SavingStar for Android Devices}

QuakefeedQuakefeed – Free  |  You would think that living in Oklahoma, all we have to worry about is tornadoes in spring, but within the past few years we’ve been having earthquakes throughout the year. Thankfully we’ve not had any huge or destructive ones, but there have been a few that have made us wake up in the middle of the night from the bed shaking… Quakefeed shows you the epicenter of the quake and how far away the quake was from your location and the size of the quake. It’s pretty handy if you want to know what shook the couch. 😉

SoundHound – Free  |  You know when you hear that catchy song in a commercial or movie? SoundHound makes it easy to find out what song it is. With SoundHound, your phone can listen to the song and then it will search to match the sound. It will identify the song name and the artist and give you a link to the song in the iTunes store. I’ve found a lot of fun music this way!  {SoundHound for Android Devices}

MapMyWalk-1MapMyWalk – Free  |  Another goal I have this year is to get healthier. I’ve been using  MapMyWalk when I take Pepper for walks. It tracks your pace and distance along with other stats. MapMyWalk can also sync with other fitness apps and devices. You can also connect with friends to see their progress as you motivate each other. It makes walking my dog more gratifying when I know how many calories I’ve burned! 🙂 {MapMyWalk for Android Devices}

What apps do you use most on your phone? Tell me your favorites!